Episode #1: The Skill of Non-Judgment

Hello!!!!  And welcome to Your Anxiety Toolkit Podcast.
A few months ago, a dear childhood friend of mine contacted me, asking for advice and support for her anxiety.   This close friendpodcast-pic-300x300 lives far, far away from me, in my home country of Australia. After living a beautiful 21 years in a picturesque rural area in northern New South Wales, I moved to Los Angeles, California, where I have become a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, specializing in anxiety disorders and mindfulness.
The moment I heard about her struggles, my heart ached.   There was little I could do from so far away, except to offer resources and online support.  I couldn’t even be there to give her a hug, which is such a powerful way to help someone who is going through these struggles.   And in that moment, this podcast was born.
My hope is that these podcasts will provide tools and support to those who are alone in the fight against anxiety and other mental health issues.   My goal is to offer at least one podcast per month, providing tools and education about anxiety management and stress reduction.
Please note; these podcasts are not meant to replace appropriate individualized or group treatment. Like the name of this podcast, Your Anxiety Toolkit, each podcast will simply provide tools that you can put in your toolkit and use when needed.  If you need help finding the correct treatment, please leave me a message using my contact page on my website, kimberleyquinlan-lmft.com. I will do my best to direct you toward treatment options that might suit your needs.
Enjoy! And, don’t be afraid to leave a comment or ask questions below in the comments section.
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Episode #1: The Skill of Non-Judgment

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