Happy Almost New Year!!

Well, it’s that time of year! You know, the time where you reflect on the year and set outrageous resolutions for the upcoming year.  It is when you dwell on all the things you DIDN’T do last year that you said you would.

During this podcast, I walk through a very successful way to set intentions for the upcoming Year, Month, Week, Day and even Hour!  I walk you through why New Year’s Resolutions rarely work and how I use Honesty and values to set goals that will improve self compassion, self-respect and effectiveness.

I also give a few examples of how this applies to those with OCD, Eating Disorders, Social Anxiety and Panic Attacks.

Last of all, I want to with you the HAPPIEST and SAFEST New Year!

Forward we go!


Episode #29: How and How-Not to set New Years Resolutions (for the Anxiety Sufferer)

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