Episode #24: Willingness-Leave It All Out On The Field!

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I LOVE the term, “leave it all out on the field!”

There is something totally radical and badass about the idea of “leaving it all out on the field!” It means we are committed to the hard work.  It demonstrates that we are ready to feel some discomfort.  “Leaving it out on the field” describes giving it your everything.  I LOVE it!

How does this apply to Mindfulness? The degree that you “leave it out on the field” is a great way to describe Willingness.  Willingness is radically accepting and giving consent to our present experience.

We can conceptualize Willingness as scale, similar to a continuum.

0/10 Willingness implies we have absolutely NO willingness to be uncomfortable (or have anxiety, intrusive thoughts, panic, have uncertainty).

  • We reject all feelings of discomfort
  • Fear makes our decisions (causing us to do more compulsions)
  • Disown any negative experience

10/10 Willingness is saying 100% “YES” to whatever experience of discomfort that arises

  • Radically accepting the feared outcome
  • Allowing yourself to have anxiety, fear and intrusive thoughts.

Listen to hear ways to increase your WILLINGNESS, even if it is just a teeny, tiny bit.

Enjoy!  And Happy Thanksgiving!


Episode #24: Willingness-Leave It All Out On The Field!

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