Happy Halloween everyone!  It’s one of my favorite months and I LOVE that everyone is so willing to be afraid on this special day.   Let’s all commit to being willing to be scared/afraid/anxious every day, shall we?

This episode is a little different to the normal format.  Today, I answer questions from Your Anxiety Toolkit listeners about anxiety, OCD, Mindfulness and appropriate treatment for certain disorders.

Questions include:

  • How to manage Postpartum OCD (including thoughts of hurting our children)
  • How to help someone with Scrupulocity or Moral Obsessions (including fear of offending God or sinning)
  • How to help a son with OCD and Tic Disorder
  • How to manage thoughts about Death

GREAT, GREAT QUESTIONS!  I hope my answers were helpful

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Episode #21: Listeners Ask Questions about Mindfulness for Anxiety, OCD and Other Stuff

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